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about us

A short history of  SETC

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The idea of forming an English theatre company in Sitges grew from

a conversation at the Casablanca Bar in Sitges. Many small towns and

villages in the UK have thriving amateur dramatic societies, so why

shouldn’t Sitges, with its large expatriate community, have one as well ?

The enthusiasm of Brandon Jones, the bar owner, soon spread to the regulars

and a meeting of interested people was first brought together in the autumn

of 1999.  A steering group prepared the way for the first Annual General

Meeting, held in January 2000, when a Committee was elected and

Jimmy Gardiner was elected Chairman.

Over the years we have come to perform mostly at the Antic Escorxador 

(the Old Slaughterhouse) in C/Joan Maragall, behind Playa San Sebastian. However in recent years we have also performed at the Casino Prado Suburense and at IAB (Institute of the Arts, Barcelona)

Social events, like quizzes, comedy nights, themed evenings and barbecues

are held at other suitable venues.

SETC is open to everybody interested in theatre in English. JOIN US!

SETC is a registered non-profit organisation, CIF V62470851


We are sponsored by Sitges Town Hall and

IAB (Institute of the Arts in Barcelona)

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