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We are proud to present the 9th edition of our Christmas pantomime. And it's bigger and bolder than ever! This year we are bringing our own wacky touch to the romantic and magical tale of Cinderella so brace yourselves for a few surpises.


The ugly sisters and stepmom are not very nice to say the least, busybody mice are everywhere, the staff at Hardupp Hall is on the verge of industrial action. Of course, the fairy should appear but will she make it there in one piece? Later princesses dance to win the Prince's hand and you can count on serious competition, well... sort of. It all ends well with songs and dance and Cinderella and the Prince will live happy ever after.


Written by Janet Cooper and Michael Hales.

Directed by Jean-Luc Hérin and Anita Roberts.

Choreography by Tina Rodgers.

Costumes by Wendy Hannah, Pep Romeu and Vanessa

Sets by José Soares and Jean-Luc Hérin

Produced by Bridget Nelson and Jean-Luc Hérin