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Produced and directed by Jean-Luc Hérin

Scenography by Stephen England

Can love be a sin

by JL Hérin (based on biographical data from Paul Seiler)

performed by Amy Blaise (and Edvard)


Sweden 1953. What goes through the mind of one of Europe’s greatest stars of song and screen when her fellow countrymen turn their back on her? After reaching her peak in the early 1940’s, Zarah Leander (1907-1981) should have enjoyed the same adulation as Marlene Dietrich and Greta Garbo. What did she do wrong? In the setting of a rather bizarre interview we find out what Leander has to say, and sing, for herself.



Wagner’s Ring Cycle (in Twenty Minutes)

by Anna Russell

Performed by Juliet Allen

Score transcription and piano Alejandra Villar


Anna Russell (1911-2006) had the training and proportions required for a career in opera, but perhaps not the talent to become a truly great lyrical diva. And one day, when she appeared as a substitute in Cavalleria Rusticana she tripped on a piece of set and pulled it down, much to the audience’s

unforgiving hilarity. She later became an entertainer noted for her deadpan humour and sharp wit. As we rediscover this famous episode, we’ll grasp why Russell entitled her biography I’m not making this up, you know!