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Pandora's Box

Based on Greek legend (but leaving out the gory eagle–pecking

bits) Pandora´s Box tells how the World was created from chaos and how Zeus and his Gods create the seas, the animals and mankind.

Prometheus feels sorry for defenceless and weak mankind and

steals fire for him from Mount Olympus, earning the wrath of Zeus and banishment to Earth. Zeus continues with his punishment by creating a beautiful woman – Pandora – to take the gift of a precious box down to Earth. Despite being told never to open it – Pandora does exactly that and lets out all the evils of the World.

Pandora´s Box will feature around 20 children between 6 and 12

years old, not only retelling the story in ballet, contemporary dance,

movement and with narration in Catalan and English but also

helping with the design of set, costumes and makeup.

Produced by Planet English and Justine Garner Dance School