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Written and directed by Tom Maguire

With Sue Farmer, Jon Kay, Kathleen Firth and Tom Maguire

The scene is a theatre dressing-room where two cleaning ladies, Flo and Vera, are clearing up after the show. They start off by criticising the actors as a self-important, dirty and untidy lot. However, little by little they start to fantasise about becoming

actresses themselves. They find the complete works of Shakespeare lying on the table and decide to choose roles.

Suddenly their daydreaming is rudely interrupted by the appearance of the stage manager, Mr. Beth. He is a pompous despot but has a secret that Vera knows about: he pretends to have performed the role of Macbeth some years back, but really he only acted the part of the drunk porter in the play. The cleaning ladies sweet talk him to his face but laugh at him behind his back. Instead of Mr. Beth they call him Macbeth.