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A concert showcasing the musical artists from Sitges Has Talent 2018.


Un concierto que muestra a los artistas musicales de Sitges Has Talent 2018.

Latest news....  


4/9/2018 Agnes Ribes - confirmed. Anna Francisca - confirmed


29/8/2018 Aina Ros - confirmed


20/8/2018 Beca + special guest - confirmed


8/8/2018   Lucie Labays (SHT2018 Winner) confirmed to headline. Hugo Amesto (SHT2018 highly commended) confirmed. Guillermo Rueda confirmed. Lost In Music confirmed.





Ultimas noticias... 


4/9/2018 Agnes Ribes - confirmado. Anna Francisca - confirmado


29/8/2018 Aina Ros - confirmed


20/8/2018 Beca + invitado especial - confirmado


8/8/2018   Lucie Labays (SHT2018 ganadora) confirmada como acta principal. Hugo Amesto (SHT2018 muy elogiado) confirmado. Guillermo Rueda confirmado. Lost In Music confirmado.





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Lucie Labays (SHT2018 winner)

Hugo Amesto (SHT2018 highly commended)

Guillermo Rueda

Lost In Music

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Aina Ros

Anna Francisca


Agnes Ribes