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Young Voices 1

Written and directed by Jean-Luc Hérin

TOO MUCH HARRY POTTER is a monologue in which a peculiar

fourteen year old girl is trying to come to terms with possessing

unusual powers and living in the Bible Belt.  

The consequences are as comical as they are disturbing.

With Lucie Blaise


In VILLAGE DANCER, somewhere in the Balkans, Janko a once

famous village dancer relives in a dream the glory of his youth.

However we gradually find out that this boastful but endearing

young man hides a very troubled soul.

With Josep van Gorkom and Sue Farmer

Screen-Shot-2013-08-29-at-9.53.33-AM-640x538 Screen-Shot-2013-08-29-at-9.53.33-AM-640x538