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Young Voices 2

Produced and directed by

Jean-Luc Hérin and Anita Roberts

Black Cats

Albert and Nacho, two very different men who have never met before, discover that every time their paths cross something increasingly unpleasant happens. As the events unfold we observe how they deal with the situation in their own personal way.

With Luca Burzacca and Josep van Gorkom. Written and directed by JL Hérin




One wouldn't expect a diplomat's glamorous wife and her crafty maid to have anything in common but when the lady faces a serious personal crisis both their lives take a rather unexpected turn.

With Hannah Fryer and Inés Autonell. Written and directed by JL Hérin


The Anglo-Catalan Silly Walk

Cheeky Sitges adaptation of the famous Monty Python sketch

With Alex Alzuria, Michael Padden, Eva Lavilla, Hannah Fryer, Inés Autonell,

Jasmine Sumner, Josep and Pere van Gorkom, Sue Farmer, Luca Burzacca,

Ken Wislon, Juliet Allen and Harley Davidson Wilson. Sound by Isaac Price Lefrancier.

Rescripted, directed,  filmed and edited by JL Hérin.


The Difficult thing

Teenagers face problems, OK, but this one really takes it one step too far!

With Isaac Price Lefrancier. Written by The Kids on the Block. Directed by JL Hérin


Unhand Me Squire

(Much Ado about Sweet Fanny Adams)

Fanny, our modest village maiden, and Percival, our gallant but rather shy hero, fall in love. But the villainous Sir Jasper wants Fanny for himself and will stop at nothing to get her. Who will win? All will be revealed at the end of this charming melodrama.

With Bill Carney, Hannah Fryer, Inés Autonell, Josep van Gorkom,

Luca Burzacca, Mireille Jaumà, Isaac Price Lefrancier, Alma Wutke,

Rubi Proto, Maia Sibley-Swain, Lucy Muston and Rebeca Thomson.

Directed by Anita Roberts


Costumes Wendy Hannah and Tuts Fernandez

Sets Stephen England

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